This is a book with twenty drawings printed in risograph. There are ten with four colours (CMYK) and the with one colour (blue). The original drawings were made with colour pencils, markers and crayons.

The drawings represent details of traditional textiles found in Sona, village in Transylvania, Romania. I spent two weeks in this village during the month of August 2022 as one of the artists in residence at "Sounds Like a Book". The residency is located in a beautiful restored Saxon house painted blue (second image).

Before, people from rural areas used to spend most of their winter months inside the house. This was a perfect occasion to work on the textiles the family needed for the daily life, such as blankets, bed linens, carpets or clothing. Young girls would dedicate time to the preparations of their trousseau for their future wedding.

In villages like Sona it is still possible to see some of these textiles pieces being used or displayed at people's homes. One of the neighbours, a lady called Marioara, was kind enough to show me her collection. The drawings gathered in this small book are done from Marioara garments, which were either made by herself or inherited from her relatives.

You can purchase the book here.

> Some Notes on the Use of Textiles in Sona,
2022, artist book, 19.5 x 26.5 cm, 20 pages, edition of 40 copies
Printed in risograph by Palpabil Studio in Bucharest
Project funded by the Stefan Caltia Foundation







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