Artist books are an important part of my practise. I studied printmaking, and I worked as an intern at Hato back when they ran a risograph workshop. I have experimented with self-edited zines and I also had the opportunity to publish a book with Chucherías de Arte (Mérida, Spain) and Bananafish Books (Shanghai). 

Some of these books are still available at my online shop or upon request. Write me if you are interested.

The Promise of Blooming, 2018.
Risograph, published by Bananafish Books (Shanghai):
Special edition of The Promise of Blooming, 2018,
published by the Shanghai Pearl Art Museum:

Un niño siempre distinto, 2016,
published by Chucherías de Arte (Mérida, Spain):
The Other, 2015, self-edited book printed in risograph.
An experiment with the layering system of risograph
printing technique and discarded prints from the workshop:
La noche, 2014, self-edited zine,
folded format, risograph (one colour):
Cinematic Drawings, 2014. Self-edited tiny zine.
A collection of drawings from
my project Cinematic Drawings.
With the support of the Villiers David Travel Award:
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