Between 2015 and 2016, I was one of the artists in residence at the Fundación Antonio Gala in southern Spain. The residency is located at an old nunnery, and several patios articulate the structure of the building.

There is a magnolia tree in one of the patios; that was the first time I saw a magnolia fruit, which seemed a very unfamiliar object to me. I decided to study the fruit by doing fast and small drawings of it.

I tried to see and approach the same subject by following different strategies, as Raymond Queneau did in his literary piece Exercises in Style. In Queneau's work, one can read the same episode 99 times, each of them with variations in terms of style and narrative elements but they all refer to an unique event. Afterwards, I did an stop motion with all the drawings, and screened it one night in the patio where the magnolia tree is.

> 400 Ways of Looking at a Magnolia Fruit,
, 400 drawings and one animation (31 secs), colour pencils on paper, 6 x 6.7 cm



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