Departing from the concept of the white cube as the paradigm of gallery, Chander Haat organised an installation of 30 portable galleries. The participating artists were given one of these cubes to use it as an exhibition space. The cubes, then, were transported to the rural neighbourhood of Bagpota, at the very edge of Kolkata. 

The neighbours were invited to come and spend the day together, exploring the different boxes and having lunch, singing, dancing and getting to know each other a bit better. 

I took my box as a frame to create a woven textile made of fabric scraps. These colourful scraps are easy to spot all over India being used for different purposes, specially to tie bamboo sticks for scaffoldings. 

> The White Cubes' Project,
February 2020
, group installation curated by Chander Haat in Bagpota village, Kolkata, India




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